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Flu Defense Formula by Lucy's Garden, 200 capsules
Flu Defense Formula, 150 capsules

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For the defense and early attack of influenza viruses. As with all supplements, only use as preventative and do not overuse. When taking supplement, use for 12 days, then rest for 2 and resume. This formula includes elderberries, astragalus, and two forms of Echinacea. For general defense take 1 cap, twice daily. For Intensive treatment take 2 caps, two to three times daily.

In light of the media hype each year regarding the latest flu epidemic and the reality of the flu itself being a despicable illness that no one desires to acquire. Lucy's Garden has created a wonderful formula to aid in strengthening the immune system and allow it to function to its best ability. Since we realize that most healthy individuals have an immune system that will work to fight off the typical infection, it is our policy to recommend use of any supplement as needed for defense, but not in excess. Using any supplement to enhance the immune system when it is not needed can cause the immune system to work hyperactively which is not healthy for one’s body. So, during times when you are less likely to be exposed to bacteria and viruses, a good healthy diet, coupled with adequate amounts of steam-distilled water, a good whole food supplement, and your Omega 3’s would be all you need. But during times of stress, illness, exposure to bacteria and viruses and often during the seasons when flu is at its peak (late summer through winter) taking a good quality immune boosting supplement can be beneficial. Lucy's Garden has chosen to use the best herbs known for their ability to ward off the elements that make the flu viruses so strong and dangerous. The following herbs are included in each capsule of the flu defense formula:

Elderberries—a known anti-viral herb. They bind to flu virus cells and work to prevent the virions from binding to the host cells. This process inhibits the influenza virus from taking hold of the individual. Testing has been done specifically on the influenza A (H1N1) virus and elderberries have been one of the best inhibitors available. These berries stop the production of hormone-like cytokines that encourage neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) to cause inflammation (like in the flu or arthritis) and actually increase the production of anti-inflammatory infection-fighting cytokines. The elderberries are known to be effective against at least 8 strains of influenza making them superior to the vaccines. Elderberries also disarm the enzymes that viruses use to penetrate healthy cells in the lining of the nose and throat—this means that if a supplement with elderberries is taken prior to one being infected, it can prevent infection. If taken after infection, it can prevent the spread of the virus through the respiratory tract. In a recent clinical study read, 20% of the people taking elderberries reported significant improvement within 24 hours, 70% by 48 hours and 90% claimed to be completely cured in 3 days (subjects who took a placebo required 6 days to recover).

Astragalus Root research shows that simple preparations of astragalus as a whole herb stimulate the immune system in several ways. It increases the number of stem cells in bone marrow, and encourages their maturity into active white blood cells. It appears to help signal the white blood cells known as neutrophils to migrate to places they are needed to fight infection. It stimulates the "germ-eating" white blood cells known as macrophages, activates T-cells and natural killer (NIK) cells, and increases the production of immune globulins. Usually taken with a variety of other herbs, astragalus as a whole herb eases chronic respiratory infections. It is a good herb preventing cytokine over-reactions.

Echinacea Angustifolia root—is known to boost the immune system by treating colds, flu’s, and fighting infections. It has also been used to speed wound healing, and reduce inflammation (very common with influenza and arthritis). It has a long and intriguing history of use as an antiseptic, an analgesic, and to treat poisonous insect and snakebites, toothaches, sore throat, wounds, and communicable diseases such as mumps, smallpox, and measles. It has also been touted as a blood purifier. Many research studies done by doctors all over the world indicated that Echinacea Angustifolia root is effective primarily by increasing the number of white blood cells, thus boosting the immune system and thereby increasing the body's ability to fight infection.

Echinacea Purpurea (otherwise known as Coneflower)—well known herb to stimulate the natural immune function, helps fights viral AND bacterial infections. Inhibits the enzyme hyaluronidase, which is known to cause strep A (“strep throat”) and prevents tissue invasion by the bacteria, while also killing the strep cells. This herb alone would do well to prevent and aid in battles with allergic rhinitis/hay fever; Lyme’s disease; strep throat (as mentioned above); laryngitis; hepatitis; and, any other common cold. It has also been noted to be helpful in the fight with viral illnesses such as influenza because of its ability to boost the immune system response to the virions. It also helps to prevent illness if taken regularly*.

Lucy's Garden recommends its Flu Defense Formula be taken as a preventative supplement only when needed. During flu season, in times of stress, if immunosuppressed, and for individuals without a hypersensitive immune system. The goal is to elicit a strengthening of the natural immune response, so a preventative dose would be 1 capsule twice daily for 12 days, then rest for two days and then treat for 12 until the threat of illness is removed. If intensive use is needed (in the event of direct exposure or at the onset of flu like symptoms) take 2 capsules two to three times daily depending upon the severity of the need and return to preventative dosage as soon as the illness or imminent threat is removed. This supplement is recommended for ages 4 and up. For children under 4 you may choose to find a chewable elderberry supplement or use a liquid immune glycerite. If you choose to use the flu prevention formula, you could cut the dosage in half and put the powdered herb in with yogurt or applesauce.

As with all natural supplements, proof of their ability to do as they claim is based upon word of mouth use and not scientifically proven evidence. Lucy's Garden makes no claims that this or any of our formulas are scientifically proven effective; we simply believe based upon usage of these and other herbs over time, that the formula may help in nourishing your body’s regular functions and helping to improve your immune and body system responses. We understand that some herbs work differently on different individuals and therefore advise that you consult with your health practitioner prior to taking any supplements to be assured of how they may affect you based upon your overall health and other medications.

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