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Friday, November 25th and Saturday, November 26th, 2022, we will be offering 10% OFF EVERY ORDER OVER $50!
Discount is automatically applied, no coupon needed! HAPPY SHOPPING!

*Even though Birth Kits are already discounted by 10%, we'll still give them an additional 5% discount!
Dopplers will be discounted by a flat amount on the days of the sale.

This sale is for TWO DAYS ONLY. From 12:01am through Midnight Eastern Standard Time on November 25th and 26th. Place your order for $50 or more and automatically get 10% off! If you are not able to get to your computer on these days, be sure to have someone at the ready to place the order for you. There will be no exceptions and no retrograde discounts.

The Not-So-Fine Print:
  • Orders placed on this day are not subject to our usual time frame of shipment (within 24-48 hours). These orders will go out in order of receipt and availability and may take up to a week or more to ship, or more if something is out of stock, and due to higher order volume. There is no time guarantee for when items will ship, we will ship them as soon as we can get them out. If something is out of stock for your order, the entire order will ship once the back-ordered item arrives. If you wish to have separate shipments, you must pay for the shipping on both. Orders with Express Shipping that is required or chosen will be given priority, but not necessarily shipped same day or next day due to the amount of available stock and amount of orders. Patience is appreciated, we are dealing with a high amount of orders!
  • If you are unable to add an item to your cart that you would like to order, you must write in the item and amount desired in the order comments section to get the discount on that product. If the product you want is on back-order and will not be received in the next few days, the item will not be added. Out-of-stock items on long term back-order may not be added.
  • If you have trouble placing an order on this day, you MUST call or email on Friday or Saturday AND have an active cart to get credit for the discount when we are able to respond. This will require you to have or create an account and be logged in with the items in your cart when you notify us of the issue. If no one answers the call, you MUST leave a message with your name and number and the issue you are having. If we have no message, no active cart, and no email, then no discount will be given.
  • Items may not be added to the cart after the day of the sale and receive the discount. Only items ordered on the Friday and Saturday of the sale will be given the discount.