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I'm happy to report that some allocation numbers are going up! We still strongly encourage everyone to try and purchase from as many places as they can source. We are constantly trying to source from multiple vendors to get more in stock, and as we get more, allocation will increase.

Please also be aware that glove prices are rising steeply in the marketplace and you will see that reflected on the website. I am trying to keep prices reasonable, but the prices are doubling and tripling in some cases, and we have to reflect the change. Understand that this will be the norm for quite a while, don't expect prices to drop for at least 2 years. We love our customers and we are working every day to try and keep up with the changing marketplace.

MIDWIFE ALLOCATIONS: (Laypersons scroll to bottom)


You may order one of the following combinations of glove pairs.

(1) 50 Pairs total of Non-Latex, any type


(2) 50 Pairs total of Latex, any type **


(2) 50 Pairs any combination and type/size **

**We do have more latex versions than non-latex, so if you could order more latex, and only order a few non-latex to have on hand for those with latex allergies, that would be helpful! We are aware that some midwives have latex allergies themselves, so we want to make sure we have enough of the non-latex for them to have what they need to function.


100 Singles, any combination and type/size

You may not order 50 of each type or of each size. You may only have a total of 100 singles and up to 50 pairs in each order.


Midwife customers may order one type/size allocation per order every 2 weeks.
You cannot order multiple types of gloves in one order.


5 Pairs total of any allowable type or size
10 singles total of any allowable type or size
Laypersons may not order any non-sterile gloves whatsoever.

If you are ordering selected items from your midwife's birth kit, you may add the amount that is in their birth kit, but you must reference the name of the birth kit from which you are ordering in the order comments section on the checkout page. If you order over the allowable amount able and there is not a note there referencing a birth kit, the overage will be removed and refunded. You will not be notified of the change.

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