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42647-16   Plantain Leaf C/S, Organic, 16 ounces
42647-04   Plantain Leaf C/S, Organic, 4 ounce
63001   Plastic Backed Sheet
70018   Plastic Drop Cloth
34008   Pocket Dop II with 2 MHz Waterproof Probe
39475   Podophyllum Peltatum by Washington Homeopathics
30101   Portable Fixed Speed Centrifuge, 8-Place, 12V
92141   Positions for Breastfeeding Tear Pad
92137   Positions for Laboring Out of Bed Chart
20051   Potassium Hydroxide, 10%
61009   Povidone Iodine Prep Pad
61005   Povidone Iodine Prep Solution - 4 ounce
61006   Povidone Iodine Prep Solution - 8 ounce
61007   Povidone Iodine Scrub Brush
92003   Practical Skills Guide by Pam Weaver, 5th Edition
92004   Practical Skills Record by Pam Weaver
80264-50   Prairieland Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
43113   Pre-Term Labor Prevention Formula by Lucy's Garden
80000   Precious Arrows Basic Birth Kit
10000   Precious Arrows Catalog 2021
80001   Precious Arrows Deluxe Birth Kit
36000   Precious Arrows Economy Fetoscope
80004   Precious Arrows Postpartum Care Bag
80002   Precious Arrows Water Birth Kit
80264   Precious Life Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80265   Precious Moments Custom Birth Kit
43100   Precious Mommy Nursing Tea by Lucy's Garden, 16 oz
43101   Precious Mommy Pregnancy Tea by Lucy's Garden
43115-10   Precious Sleep Tea by Lucy's Garden, 1 oz and Muslin Bag
43115   Precious Sleep Tea by Lucy's Garden, 8 oz
80003-10   Precipitous Birth Kit
30019   PRECISION™ Latex-Free Aneroid Sphygmomanometers with Blue Nylon Cuff
92173   Pregnancy and Birth Anatomical Chart
40900   Pregnant Belly Oil by Wishgarden
71060   Premium Cotton Nursing Covers by Bébé au Lait
71063   Premium Cotton Nursing Pillows by Bébé au Lait
67006   Premium Mesh Panty
67006-0003   Premium Mesh Panty, 2XL, 50-75"
67006-0004   Premium Mesh Panty, 3XL, 65-85"
71066   Premium Muslin Blankies by Bébé au Lait, 2 pack
71061   Premium Muslin Nursing Covers by Bébé au Lait
71062   Premium Organic Cotton Nursing Covers by Bébé au Lait
92174   Prenatal Development Chart (Laminated)
39743   Primo Amber Incense
39745   Primo Frankincense Incense
39746   Primo Jasmine Incense
39747   Primo Lavender Incense
39742   Primo Nag Champa Incense
39741   Primo Night Queen Incense
39748   Primo Patchouli Incense
39744   Primo Ruh Khus Incense
39749   Primo Sandalwood Incense
63991   Print-A-Foot™ Rigid Footprinter
45000   ProDefense™ Face Masks, Level 2, Box of 50
80264-60   Profoundly Peaceful Birth Custom Birth Kit
40920   Progesteronic Support by Wishgarden
80265-08   Promise Birth Services Custom Birth Kit
67001-5   Protection Plus Classic Underwear - 2XL, 68-80"
67001-3   Protection Plus Classic Underwear - Large, 40-56"
67001-2   Protection Plus Classic Underwear - Medium, 28-40"
67001-1   Protection Plus Classic Underwear - Small, 20-28"
67001-4   Protection Plus Classic Underwear - X-Large, 56-68"
31209   Protex Ultra Surface Disinfectant Cleaner, 60 wipes/pkg.
66023   Protexis/Protegrity Sterile Latex Powderfree Surgical Gloves, pairs
80265-07   Providence Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
39485   Pulsatilla by Washington Homeopathics
49902   Pura Kiki Silicone Bottle/Sippy Sleeve, Short
49903   Pura Kiki Silicone Bottle/Sippy Sleeve, Tall
49901   Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Infant Bottle, 11 oz
91398   Purple Bohemian Tapestry
39490   Pyrogenium by Washington Homeopathics
80265-04   Queen City Birth Services Custom Birth Kit
80265-20   Rachael Larsen Custom Birth Kit
80265-11   Rachel Flynn Custom Birth Kit
80265-09   Rachel Forbat Custom Birth Kit
80265-10   Rachel Olsson Custom Birth Kit
80265-25   Rachel Thompson Custom Birth Kit
80265-35   Rachel Williston Custom Birth Kit
80265-45   Ramona Webb Custom Birth Kit
80265-50   Ranni Gonzales Custom Birth Kit
39495   Ranunculus Bulbosus by Washington Homeopathics
80266   Raspberry Hill Births Custom Birth Kit
40960   Raspberry Tea by Wishgarden
40980   ReBalance Hormonal Tonic by Wishgarden
80266-10   Rebecca Coolidge Custom Birth Kit
50005   Receiving Blanket
42598-16   Red Clover Blossom C/S, Organic, 16 ounces
62027-10   Red Infectious Waste Bags, 11"x14"
62027   Red Infectious Waste Bags, 28"x31"
42560-16   Red Raspberry Leaf, C/S, Organic, 16 ounces
42560-04   Red Raspberry Leaf, C/S, Organic, 4 ounces
39955   Reflexology Foot and Hand Plastic Postcards
39958   Reflexology Foot Chart Postcard
80266-18   Renea Morales Custom Birth Kit
39703   Renew - Intimate Solutions by Shonda Parker, 2 oz
39702   Repair - Intimate Solutions by Shonda Parker, 2 oz
35011-0002   Res-Q-Vac® Replacement Set - Adult
44017   Rescue Energy
44010   Rescue Remedy
44014   Rescue Remedy Spray
44011   Rescue Sleep
80266-30   Resolve Birth Custom Birth Kit
39701   Restore - Intimate Solutions by Shonda Parker, 2 oz
10008-10   Resus-A-Cradle Easy Transport (ET) II CRADLE ONLY
10007-10   Resus-A-Cradle Easy Transport (ET) II Large Cradle Combo
10004   Resus-A-Cradle LARGE CASE ONLY
10006   Resus-A-Cradle Original CASE ONLY
10005   Resus-A-Cradle Original Full Set
10009   Resus-A-Cradle Original Style CRADLE ONLY
36016-1   RG Medical Mercury Free Oral Thermometer
43105   Rise and Shine Tea by Lucy's Garden
80268-40   River Birch Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80268-36   River City BIRTH CENTER Custom Birth Kit (Linsey Kornya and Adrianna Ross)
80268-35   River City HOMEBIRTH Custom Birth Kit (Linsey Kornya and Adrianna Ross)
80268-50   Roanoke Birth & Perinatal Center Custom Birth Kit
80268-76   Robin Coon Custom Birth Kit
80271   Rochester Community Midwives Custom Birth Kit
80273   Rochester Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80268-78   Rock Creek Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80268-80   Rogue Birth Center Custom Birth Kit
80268-90   Romina Paulucci Custom Birth Kit
80269   Roots and Wings Custom Birth Kit
80269-30   Roots Collaborative Care Custom Birth Kit
80302   Roots Midwifery Birth Kit - MA
80267   Roots Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80269-20   Roots of Life Custom Birth Kit
39510   Ruta Graveolens by Washington Homeopathics
80209-050   RVAHomebirth Custom Birth Kit
80219-88   Ryann Morales, CPM Custom Birth Kit
39520   Sabina by Washington Homeopathics
80270-10   Sabrina Paulos Custom Birth Kit
80269-75   Saco River Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80272-30   Sacred Birth Custom Birth Kit
80274   Sacred Birth Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80272   Sacred Birth Traditions Custom Birth Kit
80277   Sacred Garden Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80279   Sacred Grove Custom Birth Kit
80272-40   Sacred Journey Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80272-50   Sacred Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80270   Sacred Space Midwifery & Holistic Health Custom Birth Kit
80274-50   Sadie Moss Jones Custom Birth Kit
80276   Safe Haven Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80275   Safe Journeys Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
68246   SafeLine Microbore Extension Set, Male Luer Slip Adapter, NF1312
68247   SafeLine Microbore Extension Set, Male Spin-Lock T-Port with SafeLine Injection Site, NF1330
80276-50   Sage Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80008-009   Sage Springs Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80278-11   Samantha Crickmore Birth Center Birth Kit
80278   Samantha Crickmore Custom Birth Kit
80278-10   Samantha Crickmore Economy Birth Kit
80284   Samantha Nuxoll Custom Birth Kit
39525   Sambucus Nigra by Washington Homeopathics
42670   Sambucus Original Black Elderberry by Nature's Answer, 4 oz
80282   Sandra Lobaina Custom Birth Kit
39530   Sanguinaria Canadensis by Washington Homeopathics
90061   Sani-Cloth Germicidal Towelettes, Individually Wrapped
60104   Sani-Hands Antimicrobial Wipes, 100 wipes per box
60105   Sani-Hands Antimicrobial Wipes, 135 wipes per can
60109   Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes, 20 per pkg.
80290-25   Sankofa Birth and Woman's Care Custom Birth Kit
80290-26   Sankofa Birth and Woman's Care Waterbirth Kit
80291-10   Sara Rosser Custom Birth Kit
80290-50   Sarah Bay Custom Birth Kit
80291   Sarah Bradbury Custom Birth Kit
80292-25   Sarah Mitchell Custom Birth Kit
39540   Sarsaparilla by Washington Homeopathics
31026   Scalpel Unit, Disposable
40990   Scullcap by Wishgarden
80292-50   Seaside Midwife Custom Birth Kit
80293   Seasons of Life Midwifery and Women's Health Birth Kit (Brigitte Rhody, CNM)
39947   Seaweed Bath Blends, Organic
67611   Seca Diaper Scale
39545   Secale Cornutum by Washington Homeopathics
80293-20   Seedling Births Custom Birth Kit
66021   Sensicare Synthetic Sterile Pair Gloves
66018   Sensicare Synthetic Sterile Single Gloves
39550   Sepia by Washington Homeopathics
80293-50   September Hill Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80293-55   Sera Gadbois Custom Birth Kit
80159-20   Serenity Midwifery Custom Birth Kit
80159-21   Serenity Midwifery Custom Waterbirth Kit
80294   Serenity Midwifery Services Custom Birth Kit
42999   Seven-Week Antenatal Formula by Lucy's Garden
80303   Seventh Moon Homebirth Midwifery Services Custom Birth Kit
66030   Sharps Container
80294-80   Shayna Daniels Custom Birth Kit
80294-90   Sheehan Ednie-Rosen Custom Birth Kit
80295   Sheila Brown Custom Birth Kit
80294-95   Shenandoah Homebirth Custom Birth Kit
42515-16   Shepherd's Purse Herb, Organic, 16 ounces
42515-04   Shepherd's Purse Herb, Organic, 4 ounces
41000   Shepherds Purse by Wishgarden
80296-20   Sherry Rumsey Custom Birth Kit
80296-50   Shifrah's Sisters Holistic Birth Services Birth Kit
80296-70   Shiphrah Birth Services Custom Birth Kit (Bethany Gates)
80297   Shiphrah Midwifery Custom Birth Kit (Hannah Mann)
00001   Shipping Charge
80297-50   Shoaf Camp Custom Birth Kit
80296   Sierra Madre Custom Birth Kit
66017   Signature Latex Essential Surgical Gloves, Pairs

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