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Bountiful Blood Booster Tincture by Lucy's Garden, 4 ounces
Bountiful Blood Booster Tincture by Lucy's Garden, 4 ounces

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Dosage: Take one dropper twice daily. Do not take any iron boosting supplements with dairy products. Take 2 hours before or after eating dairy.

Iron deficiency, the most common cause of anemia, usually results from a gradual, prolonged blood loss, which depletes the body's iron stores. Without enough iron, hemoglobin levels fall. Menstruating women, particularly those with heavy cycles, are prone to iron-deficiency anemia. However, men and women can develop iron deficiency from any condition that causes slow bleeding-including long-term hemorrhoids, rectal polyps, or ulcers; stomach or colon cancer; or prolonged use of aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen. It is often a result of a lack of iron consumption within the diet as well, because we have relied upon false advertising in many foods where added iron is listed.

Less common is anemia that results from a deficiency of vitamin B12 (in which case it's called pernicious anemia) or folic acid. Both nutrients are essential to red blood cell production. Alcoholics, smokers, people with certain digestive disorders, vegetarians, those over age 50, and pregnant or lactating women are the most likely to be at risk, either because of poor nutrition or an inability to absorb these nutrients properly. Other forms of anemia can be traced to chronic illnesses (for example, cancer, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis); hereditary disorders such as sickle-cell anemia, or exposure to toxic drugs, chemicals, or radiation.

At Lucy's Garden/Precious Arrows, we have designed a wonderful tincture to encourage the body to naturally re-build its iron stores, by helping the circulatory system function properly. The herbs used in our tincture are mixed in an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar base which is a very nutrient filled natural liquid. ACV contains so many vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and essential acids. It is also rich in pectin and is necessary in maintaining general health and preventing disease. Our Blood Booster Formula is a perfect blend of the following herbs:

  • YELLOW DOCK ROOT: One of the best-known natural iron building herbs available and it actually helps constipation (unlike most iron supplements). It promotes the flow of bile and has that somewhat obscure action of being a " blood cleanser'. It also acts on the gall bladder giving it a role in the treatment of jaundice.
  • NETTLE LEAF: Contains nearly every vitamin and mineral necessary for human growth and health. Abundant in vitamins A, C, D, and K, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and sulfur. Nettle contains more chlorophyll than any other herb, which is important to purify and clean the blood, guard against anemia, help gently relieve constipation, and is extremely nutritious. Nourishes and strengthens kidneys so as to help facilitate the increased demands of the mother’s blood cleansing during pregnancy. Nettle prevents hemorrhage due to its high vitamin K content, and its astringency and nourishing action helps to reduce hemorrhoids by tightening and strengthening blood vessels.
  • DANDELION LEAF: Prevents and corrects anemia as it is a great source of folic acid and iron.
  • ALFALFA: Is rich in minerals and helps you to relax. It is known as a “super food” because it has a significant source of protein and ten different vitamins including A, C, D, B2, niacin, B6, G and E. It also contains the following minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and trace minerals. Because it is high in calcium and iron it is extremely important during pregnancy and the childbearing years. It is also high in Vitamin K, which is the body’s blood clotting agent, and a mother needs this to eliminate hemorrhage.
  • PEPPERMINT: Is a great digestive aid, which allows the body to assimilate the tincture and absorb it more readily into the circulatory system.
  • LEMON GRASSHas analgesic (citratus), antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. It also works well to improve circulation and thus is a great finisher to our iron-building circulatory tincture.

As with all natural supplements, proof of their ability to do as they claim is based upon word of mouth use and not scientifically proven evidence. Lucy’s Garden makes no claims that this or any of our formulas are scientifically proven effective; we simply believe based upon usage of these and other herbs over time, that the formula may help in nourishing your body’s regular functions and helping to improve your immune and body system responses. We understand that some herbs work differently on different individuals and therefore advise that you consult with your health practitioner prior to taking any supplements to be assured of how they may affect you based upon your overall health and other medications.

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