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Precious Arrows
Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond....

About Us...
My name is Kelley O'Briant, a single mother of 6 beautiful, though very challenging, children in Raleigh, NC. I was a doula for about 10 years and a childbirth educactor for just as long.
All my babies have not been homebirths, just the last one. However, I did try with the one before that one. My first, Travis, was born by cesarean in your basic, everything-that-goes-ping-included type of birth. After that I realized that there was something better, there had to be! My daughter Dora Kay was born 14 months later by natural VBAC into the hands of a CNM in the hospital. She was a shoulder dystocia and suffered mild brachial plexus palsy which healed nicely in about 6 weeks. My third came a couple of years after that with the same CNM. Gracie was a nuchal cord with compound presentation, but also a successful natural VBAC. Twenty two months later, we flew to China and adopted our then one year old daughter Emma Ruth. No pain involved, but I did get nauseous on the plane... With my fifth, I finally talked my husband into having a homebirth. I hired a CPM and prepared my nest for her birth. She was asynclitic and wouldn't turn. Due to horrible pain from a really twisty pelvis being twisted even more by her head, I demanded drugs! We transferred to the midwives at UNC. Twelve hours after getting my epidural, Raina finally moved her head and was born...with a broken clavicle. Sixth time was the charm! Anna Rose came into our lives on February 19th of 2008 into the hands of my CPM at my home. She did have some mild shoulder dystocia and needed a bit of resuscitation (but all my kids do). It was thrilling to finally have what I wanted and see what a homebirth could be like.
When I ordered the birth kit for our fifth baby, I thought that it was a great business and wished I could do the same thing. Amazingly enough, a little over one year later, I was given the great gift of having this business for my own! I enjoy serving your family and being a place where midwives can get what they need. If there is ever a product that you would like to see offered, please feel free to email me. Welcome!

Kelley O'Briant
Travis, Dora Kay, Gracie, Ruthie, Raina and Anna Rose
919-977-8910 or 877-423-7796 (toll-free)

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