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Ear Be Well for Kids by Wishgarden
Ear Be Well for Kids by Wishgarden

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Anti-inflammatory Lymphatics reach into the Inner Ear.  Companion to Ear Oil.
WishGarden's internal EarAche-Be-Gone extract is best used at the first indication of symptoms or in conjunction with Mullein Ear Oil. The method for using the Mullien Ear Oil is as follows:WishGarden's herbal Mullein Ear Oil is best used at the first indication of symptoms or in conjunction with internal EarAche-Be-Gone extract. The oil can be gently warmed (make very sure it is not hot! by testing on your inner wrist). While a child lies on their tummy, head to one side with ear facing up, place drops in the ear slowly. Gently tug on the ear lobe between drops to allow air to escape. When the ear has several drops of oil inside, plug the ear with a small piece of cotton ball and leave in overnight or for 12 hours. We recommend treating both ears, even if only one has symptoms. Remove cotton in the morning and allow the ear to drain.
Ingredients: Red Root, Bee Propolis, Calendula flower, Garlic, Baptisia root, St. Johnswort flower, Echinacea root, & Scullcap leaf in 60% veg. glycerine, 10% grain alcohol & spring water.
SUGGESTED USE: Children: 1-2 dropperfuls in water, or juice, or under the tongue, every 3-5 hours when ill. Infants: 5-10 drops. Adults: 2-3 dropperfuls.
Earaches are common in young children due to their developing physiology. The eustachian tube that provides drainage to the middle ear is very small in diameter and is more horizontal in orientation in children until about the age of seven, often impeding adequate drainage. Mucous producing foods often contribute to blocking this passage, and some have suggested that when a child is teething, the stress leaves a child's body more prone to infection.
Common symptoms of earaches in very young children include crying, pulling at the ear, nuzzling the head on one side repeatedly, a reddened cheek or ear, tilting the head to one side while fussing, and fever. Symptoms are usually accompanied by cold symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, runny eyes and general fussiness. Ear infection symptoms can also become present at the end of colds as a child seems to be getting better.
Relieving actions can include using a vaporizer and propping the child's head up with pillows that encourage drainage. Sometimes a gentle source of heat such as a warm heating pad or hot water bottle to lie the head and ear on, can be soothing. Many practitioners recommend limiting foods that could encourage mucous production, such as dairy products and wheat while an ear infection is present and for some time afterwards.
Available in 1 or 2 ounce varieties.

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