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Pre-Term Labor Prevention Formula by Lucy's Garden
Pre-Term Labor Prevention Formula

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Please do not buy this "just in case". This product is for those who have reason to suspect that there is a threat of pre-term labor and it has been recommended to them by a healthcare professional. If you are looking for a healthy remedy for later pregnancy, please view the Seven Week Antenatal Formula.

This formula has been used for over 30 years in the prevention of miscarriage and is now being used to encourage a woman to hold her pregnancy until term. We believe this formula can relax the body and strengthen the uterus for women who have a history of going into labor and beginning to dilate prior to being full term (37 weeks). It is important that you are eating well, staying hydrated, and watching your body for signs of fatigue and overwork. Precious Arrows recommends that you follow the Good Healthy Diet (or the Brewer Diet for pregnancy); take a whole food supplement; and drink 3 quarts of steam-distilled water plus your recommended daily dose of Precious Mommy Pregnancy Tea in conjunction with this formula.We also recommend regular prenatal care and having a good Calcium/Magnesium Supplement on hand for latter second and third trimester needs. The following herbs make up this all natural formula.

Squawvine has a long history of use traditionally by Native Americans, and subsequently by those choosing a more natural approach, for a successful, easy childbirth, lactation, and other reproductive conditions such as painful menses. Midwives and herbalists most commonly use it when uterine “weakness” is indicated by irregular periods or bleeding during the first trimester. This also makes it helpful in strengthening the uterine muscles to “HOLD” a pregnancy instead of going into labor prematurely. Proper use of this herb promotes a healthy, FULL term, no problem pregnancy as a result.

Wild Yam is a strong anti-spasmodic herb used in women’s health.It is known to sedate the uterus and balance hormones. It is also used during pregnancy to prevent threatened miscarriage and pre-term labor since it contains glycosides from which the body can manufacture the hormones progesterone and cortisone, which are needed to maintain and hold a pregnancy.

False Unicorn Root is strongly recommended for women who have experienced repeated miscarriages or who have had problems going into labor prematurely because it can strengthen the cervix that is typically too loose to hold the pregnancy. It is also a well-known feminine hormone balancer and uterine tonic. It contains steroidal saponins that are primarily estrogenic but in effect allows it to act to bring hormones within normal ranges from one extreme or the other (so regardless of what is taking place, it regulates). It works wonderfully with the squawvine in preventing threatened miscarriage as well as pre-term labor.

Cramp bark is also an anti-spasmodic. It acts as a mild sedative (an all natural one) and astringent. It is an excellent relaxer of muscle tension, spasms, and cramps for both smooth and striated muscles. It has an affinity for the uterus and is the first herb of choice for relieving cramps and the muscle reactions that cause them. With this in mind, this herb is especially important in pre-term labor prevention since it may help to stop premature contracting of the uterus, which often encourages the dilation and effacement of the cervix leading to a premature delivery.

Full Bottle of 338 capsules covers from 31 weeks to the end of 37 weeks. At this point we suggest you switch over to the Antenatal Formula. If you are further along than 31 weeks, we can sell you a prorated amount of capsules, please call for pricing.

As with all natural supplements, proof of their ability to do as they claim is based upon word of mouth use and not scientifically proven evidence. Precious Arrows makes no claims that this or any of our formulas are scientifically proven effective; we simply believe based upon usage of these and other herbs over time, that the formula may help in nourishing your body’s regular functions and helping to improve your immune and body system responses. understand that some herbs work differently on different individuals and therefore advise that you consult with your health practitioner prior to taking any supplements to be assured of how they may affect you based upon your overall health and other medications.

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