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Precious Mommy Nursing Tea by Lucy's Garden, 8 oz
Precious Mommy Nursing Tea

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A full pound of Nurturing Mommy Nursing tea is made of an exclusive blend of the following herbs:
  • Fennel Seed: increases breast milk production while helping to alleviate gas in both mother and baby. Helps to soothe indigestion and heartburn, aids in bowel movements and prevents any associated cramping or griping. Helps soothe colic in babies (mom ingests tea and passes it to the baby via breast milk).
  • Fenugreek : Mothers generally notice an increase in production 24-72 hours after starting the herb, but it can take two weeks for others to see a change.
  • Goat's Rue : one of the best herbs for increasing milk production. One of the references I have states that Goat’s Rue can increase production by 50%!
  • Red Raspberry : Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and the easily assimilated calcium and iron. It also includes vitamins A and B complex and many minerals, including phosphorus and potassium. It reduces pain during labor and after birth by toning the muscles of the uterus used during labor. Its high mineral content assists in production of good quality milk. It is known as the strengthener of the entire female reproductive system and is also one of the “nourishing” herbs, which are critical at a time when a mother is under the stress of nursing a newborn baby coupled with birth, and loss of sleep. An absolute must before during and after pregnancy.
  • Nettle Leaf : Contains nearly every vitamin and mineral necessary for human growth and health. Abundant in vitamins A, C, D, and K, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and sulfur. Nettle contains more chlorophyll than any other herb, which is important to purify and clean the blood, guards against anemia, helps gently relieve constipation, and is extremely nutritious. Nourishes and strengthens kidneys so as to help facilitate the increased demands of the mother’s blood cleansing during pregnancy. Eases leg cramps and other muscle spasms and pain due to the high calcium content. (Nettle and Raspberry Leaf contain calcium in its most absorbable form. Spinach, chocolate, rhubarb, and brewers yeast will interfere with the absorption of calcium and calcium supplements made of bone meal and oyster shell should be avoided as they are not easily absorbed in the body and they have been shown to contain high levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, and other toxic metals.) Nettle prevents hemorrhage due to its high vitamin K content, and its astringency and nourishing action helps to reduce hemorrhoids by tightening and strengthening blood vessels. It also will increase the richness and amount of breast milk.
  • Alfalfa: Is rich in minerals and helps to make you a relaxed and healthy mother. It is known as a “super food” because it has a significant source of protein and ten different vitamins including A, C, D, B2, niacin, B6, G and E. It is extremely high in chlorophyll, which helps with blood oxygenation and helps to correct constipation. It also contains the following minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and trace minerals. Because it is high in calcium and iron it is extremely important during pregnancy. It is also high in Vitamin K, which is the body’s blood clotting agent, and a mother needs this to eliminate hemorrhage. It is contains eight enzymes and enzymes help the body to assimilate foods. In addition to all its nutritive benefits, it also helps to increase the richness and amount of breast milk.
  • Chamomile: relaxing, soothing and calming to the entire system. Helps with digestion and nausea, and is also high in calcium. The essential oil of chamomile is anti-inflammatory in nature and is wonderful in healing swellings, achy joints and other inflammations. Rosemary Gladstar states “This delicate, gentle flower is a must for pregnant (and nursing) women. Its sunny disposition is helpful for lifting the spirits and its calming relaxing attributes are very soothing to the soul.”
  • Blessed Thistle : This herb is famous for its ability to increase milk supply rapidly and consistently. It is also said to remove the common depression feelings, known as post-partum depression, that often face mother’s after childbirth. It is the most widely recommended herb for its ability to stimulate milk flow to fulfill your baby’s growing needs and aids weary moms in their full recovery after birth.

You may choose to add one of 3 different flavors to your tea or leave the flavor out altogether.

Lemon Balm



Lucy's Garden recommends drinking this nursing tea daily from the birth of your baby until your milk supply is well established (usually around 6 months) and can be enjoyed anytime you feel your milk production needs a boost. Only the finest and freshest herbs are used when making our Nurturing Mommy Tea!

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