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Urinary Health Formula by Lucy's Garden
Urinary Health Formula

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The urinary tract is a delicate system, where urinary flow is supposed to travel in one direction; however, sometimes things go backwards. The bladder serves as a gateway for bacteria to enter the body, and when the system is interrupted, urinary tract infections are the result. 80% of all urinary tract infections are caused by a bacterium that lives within the bowel system known as Escherichia Coli (E Coli). Because the path from the bladder to the exit is shorter in women than in men, women are 20 times more likely to contract urinary tract infections. One out of five women in North America can expect to have at least one urinary tract infection in her lifetime, but most women will have approximately 3 per year. Overly busy lifestyles and long lines in women's restrooms are also frequently blamed; all that delay to urinate distorts and weakens the bladder and invites infection. Tight pants, synthetic underwear, vaginal powders and deodorants, and even deodorant soaps can be irritating and can encourage infection.

Two early signs of infection are cloudy urine and a burning sensation when you urinate. You may also experience pain or a sense of heaviness in the bladder, especially when it is full or has just been emptied. As the infection progresses, false alarms from irritated nerves can send you running to the bathroom unnecessarily. If the symptoms of your bladder infection grow to include a dull ache in the lower back and a fever, consult your health care practitioner immediately—these symptoms are warning signs that the infection has spread to the kidneys, and kidney infections are very serious problems.

We have designed a wonderful blend of herbs KNOWN to naturally treat and eradicate urinary tract infections. This herbal blend can be used when an infection threatens your system. Since urinary tract infections can become severe and enter the kidneys causing premature labor and delivery, we encourage you to seek treatment immediately. Our urinary health recommendations are made with your best interest in mind and thus we strongly encourage all pregnant women to follow our the following suggestions.

Our special herbal tea is also available when infection looms or is diagnosed. It should be taken immediately and the recommended dosage followed explicitly. The following herbs are included in our unique blend:

  • Uva Ursi —Also known as bearberry, is known to work on bladder infections that even cranberry could not defeat. It contains a powerful antiseptic that is activated when it reaches the urinary tract. Once there, it kills bacteria, removes infectious material reduces inflammation and probably even strengthens the urinary tract lining. Interestingly enough, medical researchers have found that this herb works best in the alkaline environment produced by bacteria. It has been called the "most effective antibacterial herb for urinary tract infections." Maximum antibacterial activity occurs three to four hours after taking this herb.
  • Parsley — Is known to flush urinary tract infections away and even dissolve kidney stones . One of the compounds found in parsley is a basic ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs used to treat urinary infections.
  • Marshmallow Root —Soothes the urinary tract and also fights urinary tract infection in a way similar to uva ursi, although it is not quite as powerful.
  • Cramp bark —Reduces the inflammation and pain associated with urinary tract infections. It also helps to control the spasm the bladder can have when infection is present by reducing the contracting that occurs causing the excessive urination or sensation to urinate.
  • Rosehips —Is one of the best urinary tract infection fighters because it is high in the infection-fighting vitamin C.
  • Goldenrod — Europeans praise goldenrod as one of the safest and most effective diuretic-antiseptic herbs. There is good clinical evidence of its diuretic activity. There is also clear scientific evidence that it is beneficial in treating kidney inflammation (nephritis). Goldenrod is used widely in Europe to alleviate urinary tract inflammations and to prevent the formation of and facilitate the elimination of kidney stones.
  • Couch grass — Is a diuretic with a long folk history of use for bladder and kidney stones.
  • Meadowsweet —Helps to control urinary tract spasms and constriction, both of which make it difficult to urinate.
  • Dandelion Leaf and Root — Dandelion is a particularly potent diuretic. Diuretics don't cure bladder infections, but they help flush urine out of the bladder, and some bacteria along with it. Long clinical experience shows that this action is helpful in treating bladder infections. Dandelion contains two groups of chemicals that appear to cause its diuretic effect, eudesmanolides and germacranolides; and, the potassium in dandelion may also contribute to its diuretic effect.
Banishing Bladder Infections:
Herbs are fine for treating bladder infections, but I'd be remiss if I didn't include the standard natural guidelines for preventing this condition. All women, whether they're prone to bladder infections or not, should:
• Drink eight glasses of water a day.
• Urinate whenever they feel the urge (a full bladder is more prone to infection).
• Not douche.
• Wipe from front to back to prevent anal-area (E.Coli) bacteria from being introduced into the urethra.

Women with recurrent bladder infections should:

• Take showers instead of baths.
• Drink a glass of water before and after sexual intercourse and urinate within 15 minutes after.

Steep one ounce of "Urinary Health Formula Tea Blend" in one quart of boiled water for 12 hours (use a glass canning jar covered with lid while steeping). Sip one quart of tea daily for 7 days. Re-test urine for infection after treatment is completed.

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4 of 5 Better than antibiotics March 19, 2014
Reviewer: Anita Woods from Leavenworth, KS United States  
I have personally used this blend now three times, and keep a bag on hand as I get recurrent UTIs. Years ago I went through two rounds of antibiotics that didn't work, this is the only thing that works for me.

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